Productions Scientifiques

Articles de conférences

Année 2016 :

  • Ghazi Khojet El Khil, Zied Alaya, Kaouther Louati, Meriem Ben Aissa, The agile games for freshmen students, 8th International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education (PAEE), 6-8 July 2016, Guimaraes, Portugal.
  • Fares Ben Amara, Walid Ayari, Team–based serious games and useful mathematics in engineering education, 8th International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education (PAEE), 6-8 July 2016, Guimaraes, Portugal.
  • Fatma Rhimi, Sonia Ben Yahia, Samir Ben Ahmed, 'Refining The Skyline With Fuzzy Similariy Measures And Topsis Method for The Optimization Of Web Services Composition', FUZZ-IEEE 2016 (classe A), 24-29 July 2016, Vancouver, CANADA
  • Asma Hamed, Hella Ben Ayed, Privacy Risk Assessment for Web Tracking, A user-oriented approach toward privacy risk assessment for Web tracking, Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE, classe C), 15-18 May 2016, Vancouver, Canada
  • Wafa Boumaiza, Zeineb Kooli, Salah Bousbia, Proposition d'une méthodologie de 'démystification' des jeux pédagogiques pour l'enseignement des modules techniques. RAPU'2016: 2ème colloque int. de la recherche action en pédagogie universitaire. Tunis 14-15 Avril 2016
  • K. Louati, Z. Alaya, Gh. Khodjet El Khil, M. Ben Aissa, L. Bettaieb, First steps to active learning for training engineers, EDUCON'2016, 10-13 Avril 2016, Dubai
  • Salah Bousbiaa, Emna Miladi, Zeineb Kooli, Wafa Boumaiza, Work in Progress: Proposal of a methodology of serious games' demystification for the teaching of techniques modules, EDUCON'2016, 10-13 April 2016, Dubai
  • Sami Sifi, Rym Alouane, Esprit Social Network: an internal collaborative platform for the student of Esprit, EDUCON'2016, 10-13 April 2016, Dubai
  • Amira Potter, Kaouthar Louati, Learning English through project-based learning: the Case of Engineering Education, EDUCON'2016, 10-13 April 2016, Dubai
  • Mehdi Atia, Sana Ben Fadhel, Lamjed Bettaieb, Impact of Tablet Based Learning on Continuous Assessment (ESPRIT Smart School Framework), EDUCON'2016, 10-13 April 2016, Dubai
  • Dorra Lounissi, Nahla Bouaziz, El Ganaoui Mohamed, Lakhdar Kairaouani, Experimental analysis and hybridization of an absorption refrigeration unit of solar cooling, Colloque int. Froid et énergie; 24-27 Mars 2016, Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Rahma Bouraoui, Hichem Besbes, 'Thresholds Selection for Censored Energy Detection based Two Witnesses Rule for Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless Days'2016, Toulouse, 23-25 Mars 2016
  • D.Lounissi, Nahla BOUAZIZ, Lakdar KAIROUANI, Mohamed EL GANAOUI, Exergetic analysis of an absorption/compression refrigeration system based on R124/DMAC mixture for solar cooling, 7th Int. renewable energy congress IREC’2016, 22-24 Mars 2016, Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Syrine Karoui, Med Ben Sassi, Bridging the gaps between laws and their application- a Tunisian case study, ICEGOV'2016, Uruguay, 1-3 Mars, 2016
  • Zaineb Tahri, Ramzi Ouafi, Mohamed Karim Sbai ‘’Experimentation as an ISP-Service ‘’, 19th Int. Conf. Intelligence in Next Generation Networks: Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN 2016), 1-3 Mars 2016, Paris, France
  • Mohamed Jaoua, Building applied mathematics capacities is an asset for development, invited conference at the SM2A (MoroccanAppliedMathematics Society) pedagogical meeting, Rabat, Morocco, February 13 2016

Articles de conférences

Année 2015 :

  • Mohamed Ali Hannachi, Hatem Aziz Bouzouita, Mehdi Hachfi, Salah Bousbia, Contribution to the IMS paradigm: proposal of a machine-driven scheduling system endowed with learning capacities, ICAMEM'2015, 20-22 Dec 2015, Hammamet, Tunis, Tunisia
  • Zeineb Kooli, Rahma Hidri, Mehdi Hachfi, Salah Bousbia, Logic architecture: proposal of an intelligent product driven scheduling system based on learning capacities, ICAMEM'2015, 20-22 Dec 2015, Hammamet, Tunis, Tunisia
  • Teber Feten, Kacem Halim, ahbib Younes, Hardware/software co-design using High level synthesis for cryptography module, ICMIC '2015 (Int. Conf. On Modelling Identification an control, 18-20 Décembre 2015, Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Ben Cheikh Henda, Integration of streaming and elastic traffic: Modeling and Performance Analysis, Values Tools '2015, 14-16 December 2015, Berlin Germany
  • Bdiwi Rawia, Bergaoui Hichem, Mobile Multimedia platform for collaborative learning in virtual mobility context, the 13th International conference on advances in mobile computing and multimedia (MOMM'2015), 11-13 December 2015, Brussels Belgium.
  • Syrine Karoui, “Vers une meilleure application des prestations publiques – Cas de l’octroi du permis de bâtir”, EGOV 2015, 3 – 4 Novembre 2015, Tunis, Tunisia.
  • Ben Abderrazak J., A. Zemzem , H. Besbes, A Distributed Muting Adaptation Solution for a QoS-Aware User Association and Load Balancing in HetNets, int. Conf. ICTC 2015, 28-30 October 2015, Korea
  • HJIRI Wiem, LASSOUED Houssem Eddine, HACHANI Abderrazak, Smart T-shirt for Rheumatism Wearable solution for arthritis and osteo-arthritis treatment, Mobihealth 2015, London, 14-16 Oct 2015
  • Ben Abderrazak J., A. Zemzem , H. Besbes, “QoS-Driven User Association for Load Balancing and Interference Management in HetNets”, Int. Conf. On Network of the Futur NoF'15, Sept 30th- Oct 2nd, Montreal Canada.
  • Kaouther Louati, Syrine Karoui, Med Amine Bessrour, “Learning programming through a business project: engineering education in financial IT case”, WEEF/ICL 2015, 20 – 24 September 2015, Florence, Italy.
  • Maissa BOUJELBEN, Sonia BEN REJEB, Sami TABBANE: A Novel Mobility-based COMP Handover Algorithm for LTE-A / 5G HetNets, SoftCOM 2015, Croatia 16-18 Sept 2015
  • Kaddachi Khaoula, Theljani Foued, Fetal Risk Classi cation Based on Cardiotocography Data: A Kernel-Based Approach, 2nd Int. Afro-European Conf for Industrial advancement (AECIA'2015), France,9-11 Sept 2015
  • Jihène Ben Abderrazak, Hichem Besbes, 'A Tailored Fractional Frequency Reuse Scheme for Heterogeneous Networks', IWCMC 2015, 24-27 August 2015, Croatia
  • Yosra Abbes, Jihène Ben Abderrazak, Samed Najeh, Hichem Besbes, 'QoS Provision Inter-cell Interference Coordination Approach Based on JoinTransmission and Superposition Coding, IWCMC 2015, 24-27 August 2015, Croatia
  • Maissa BOUJELBEN, Sonia BEN REJEB, Sami TABBANE: A Novel Green Handover Self-Optimization Algorithm for LTE-A / 5G HetNets, IWCMC 2015, 24-27 August 2015, Croatia
  • K. Louati, F. Ben Amara and W. Ayari: Active learning of useful mathematics in engineering education, IJCLEE'2015, 5-7 August 2015, Spain
  • Slim Trabelsi, Henrik Plate, Amine Abida, M. Marouane Ben Aoun, Anis Zouaoui, Chedy Missaoui, Sofien Gharbi and Alaeddine Ayari, Mining Social Networks for Software Vulnerabilities Monitoring, NTMS'2015 New Technologies Mobility and Security, 27-29 July 2015, Paris France
  • Slim Trabelsi, Henrik Plate, Amine Abida, M. Marouane Ben Aoun, Anis Zouaoui, Chedy Missaoui, Sofien Gharbi and Alaeddine Ayari, Monitoring Software Vulnerabilities through Social Networks Analysis, SECRYPT'2015, 20-22 July 2015, Colmar, France
  • Zied Alaya, 'Active learning for freshmen students in a softawre engineering education', Int. Research symposium on PBL (IRSPBL), Spain, Donostia-San Sebastian, 6-9 Juillet 2015
  • Thouraya Hajji, Hichem Bargaoui, 'Design of a VANET Testbed based on Cloud Computing', EuCNC'2015, Paris, 29 Juin, 2 Juillet 2015
  • K. Louati, W. Ayari, F. Ben Amara : A continuous evaluation for a new pedagogy: Mathematics for teaching engineers, SEFI'2015, 28 june- 2 July 2015, Orléans, France
  • Younes Anis, Ouali Yousra, Analysis of optimal and feedback control problem for Navier-Stokes equations, Workshop on Numerical Analysis for PDEs and applications,27-29 May 2015, Tunis, Tunisia
  • Bdiwi Rawia, Bergaoui Hichem, Ubiquitous classroom enhanced by a cloud-based server, CSEDU 2015 (classe B), 23-25 Mai 2015, Lisbonne, Portugal
  • Inès Mhaya, Hechmi Najjar, Imen Ben Jannet, Les perspectives comportementales des réactions émotionnelles en grandes surfaces: quels rôles de la stisfaction et des représentations mentales chez les individus ?,13ème colloque de l'ATM, 3-4 Avril 2015, Sfax
  • Nizar Boussarsar, Mouna Ketatni, Youssef Kamoun, Anis Ben Hajji, Seifallah Jemal, Jihene Haouel, Smart Eco-Urban Cities: Ubiquitous Public Park: Ubiquitous watering, electricity and irrigation system, AINA'2015, 25-27 Mars 2015 Korea
  • Melliti Dhouha, « The impact of exportation on innovation in developping countries : The case of Tunisian firms ». ABSRC’2015: Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference”, 25-27 Mars 2015, Venise, Italy
  • Gharbi Sofien, Bellakhdar Hamza, Mrabet Salah Eddine, Project based learning in business intelligence with intervention of companies, EDUCON'2015, 18-20 Mars 2015, Tallin Estonia
  • Manel Madhioub, 'Requirements Capture and Comparative Analysis of Cloud Security Techniques', journal IJAST 'International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology', Vol-8 No-2 (2015), pp. 285-308
  • Bouhaouel Rim, Kraiem N., Salinesi C., Al-Khanjari Z., Ouali S., Framework to compare the model generation methods, Asian journal of scientific research, 8 (1) 54-66, 2015
  • Said Amine, Impact de la nature de la situation-problème sur la réussite des apprentissages chez les élèves-ingénieurs utilisant l'APP : cas du langage HTML, Revue de recherche et études en sciences humaines, N° 10-2015, pp- 52-62

Articles de conférences

Année 2014 :

  • Abderrazak Jihène, Sfar Med, Besbes Hichem, Fair Scheduling and dynamic ICIC for multi-cellular OFDMA Systems, NoF’2014, 3-5 December 2014, Paris France.
  • Bargaoui Hichem, Bdiwi Rawia, Smart Classroom: Design of a gateway for ubiquitous classroom, ICWOAL’2014 (Int. Conf on Web and Open Access to Learning), 25-27 Nov 2014, Dubai
  • Abderrazak Jihène, Besbes Hichem, Dynamic and distributed inter-cell coordination based scheduling for interference avoidance, MOBIWAC’14, 21-26 September 2014 Montréal, Canada
  • Kaouther Louati, Lamjed Bettaieb, Team based learning in mathematics courses, SEFI'2014, 15-19 Sept 2014, Birmingham
  • Ben Lazreg Brahim, Meddeb Sourour, User oriented framework for heterogonous service composition in smart home context, UbiMob2014, conférence sur la mobilité et l’ubiquité, Nice 5-6 Juin 2014
  • Abderrazak Hachani, Hichem Bargaoui, Lamis Amamou, RFID Social Networking : Measuring Consumer Satisfaction Index by Means of NFC. IPCT, 7-8 Juin 2014, ROME
  • Ben Salem Seifeddine, Cherif Nozha, Sethom Kaouther, « Transparent real time service on train », IEEE-CCECE’2014, 4-7 May 2014, Toronto Canada
  • Saidani Maweheb, Ghorbel Faouzi, « Combining contour matching and visual hull information for 3D reconstruction of archeological objects », ATSIP-2014, 17-19 March 2014, Sousse, Tunisia
  • Trabelsi Wiem, Selmi Med Heny, « Multi-signature robust video watermarking », IEEE- ATSIP-2014, 17-19 March 2014, Sousse, Tunisia
  • Abderrazak Hachani, conférence invitée: RFID : Fundamentals & Technology Deployment in Supply Chain, Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory and Warehousing in Oil and Gas, 16-19 February 2014 Abu Dhabi
  • Mkhinini Maher, Second B. Knani Jilani,Reductive control in the management of redundant actuation, conference ICCARVE 2014 : International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision Engineering to be held in Istanbul, Turkey during February, 17-18, 2014
  • Saidani Maweheb, Ghorbel Faouzi, « Affine Movement estimation for object modeling under circular motion », ICCIS’2014, 17-19 Jan 2014, Sousse, Tunisia
  • Ayari Nidhal, Denden Islam, KhojetElkhil Ghazi, Sifi Sami, Adaptive HR decision support system au WSCAR 2014: World Symposium on Computer Applications & Research (1820 Janvier 2014 Sousse)
  • Lassoued Houssem Eddine, Présentation d’un papier intitulé « Les paradigmes UX et les API de références Java pour le développement sur les Google Glass », JMaghreb : une rencontre des développeurs Java; Casablanca, Maroc
  • Madhioub Manel, 'Security of Cloud Computing' Chapter in 'Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology », 2014

Articles de conférences

Année 2013 :

  • Raja Ben Abdessalem, Nabil Tabbane, RPL-SCSP: A Network-MAC Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Sensor Networks, 9th International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (WCSN-2013), 16-19 December 2013, India
  • Hajer Berhouma, Aicha Ben Salem, Kaouthar Sethom, Ubiquitous Applications Over Networked Femtocell,3rd International workshop on PERvasive and Context-Aware Middleware (PerCAM13), December 3, Dublin, Ireland
  • Hamdi S., Chaouachi T., Bettaieb L., Kanfoud J., An introductory training Project electromechanical engineer, SEFI’2013,16-20 September 2013 Université Catholique de Leuven – Belgique
  • Brinis Nour, Saidane Leila, Dynamic energy aware data gathering strategy for wireless sensor networks, 10th ACM PE-WASUN 2013, 3-7 November 2013, Barcelone, Spain
  • Hajer Berhouma, Kaouthar Sethom, Interational Conference on Networkings Applications 2013 (ICNA’2013), October 4-6 Hammamet, Tunisia.
  • Bouraoui Rahma, Besbes Hichem, 'Impact of Cooperative Detection on Primary System's QoS in Cognitive Radio Networks, IEEE PIMRC’2013, 8-11 September 2013, London
  • Trabelsi Slim, Bouafif Hana, Abusing Social Networks with Abuse Reports, a Coalition Attack for Social Networks, SECRYPT’2014, 29-31 July 2013,Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Mourad Zerai, Olfa Triki, Color image compression by Riemannian B-Tree triangular coding, ISVC’2013, 29-31 July 2013, Crete, Greece
  • Bettaieb Lamjed, Migration vers un projet d’apprentissage intégré, QPES’2013, 3-5 Juin 2013 Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Ben Abderrazak Jihene “Fair Scheduling and Dynamic ICIC for OFDMA Systems”, présenté à l’école d’été “Interference Management for Tomorrow's Wireless Networks” à Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis, Nice, 28-31 Mai 2013
  • Sethom Ben Reguiga Kaouthar, Cherif Nozha, Fast Handoff Management for Internet Access on Train, WMNC’2013, 23-25 April 2013, Dubai